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About Us

Welcome to the South West RPS Meeting 2024!

The South West Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) Meeting is a premier event dedicated to fostering knowledge, collaboration, and excellence in radiation protection. Our mission is to provide a platform for radiation protection professionals to engage with industry leaders, gain insights into the latest regulatory updates, and explore cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

What We Offer

Educational Sessions: Expert-led presentations and panels on critical topics in radiation protection.

Regulatory Insights: Stay informed about the latest regulatory changes and compliance requirements..

Our Mission

Promote Safety: Enhance the safety standards in radiation protection through education and awareness.

Facilitate Learning: Provide a forum for continuous learning and professional development.

Encourage Collaboration: Foster a community of practice where professionals can share knowledge and experiences.

“…We are committed to delivering a high-quality event that meets the needs of radiation protection professionals…..”